Yamaha FG850 Guitar Review

Yamaha always impresses us with its range of high-end guitars and it has yet again managed to please us with its latest addition to the Yamaha family; FG850. The FG850 is a recent addition to the Yamaha FG series. This is an improved model which is capable of producing high-end sound and comes with promising features at a very reasonable price. If you love a good guitar, the Yamaha FG850 will not disappoint.


FG850 is a great high end folk dreadnought guitar. As far as its usability goes, it is a very versatile guitar with impressive sound throw and minimal robust interference.

Sound quality

The sound quality is very promising. It is well-balanced. The sound quality hits all the premium high notes and is not interfered by the robust on any level. The sound tones are very warm to the ear.

What we like?

We are all for the Yamaha FG850 because of the promising features, sound output, affordable price and great built. Here is a roundup of what we absolutely love about this guitar.

  1. The body is scratch-resistant. This means the body of the guitar will not damage or blemish for a long time.
  2. The sound quality is phenomenal with balanced tones and rich sound output.
  3. The built is strong and sturdy; craftsmanship phenomenal.
  4. The price is highly affordable which makes this guitar all the time more attractive.
  5. It is an excellent choice of guitar for the beginner level players and it does not let down the advanced stage players too.

What we dislike?

Yamaha FG850 is exceptional yet there are some features that still let us down slightly.

  1. The action is a little too fast and obvious to start with but thankfully can be corrected with a tune up manually.
  2. The FG850 is definitely a promising guitar in terms of sound quality but there wasn’t any drastic difference noticeable from its previous model.
  3. The body is not waterproof which is a big NO. After all, for how long would you be able to protect a guitar from the weather?

Final word

Yamaha FG850 makes us happy because it is a promising quality guitar. It is an improved addition to the FG family and it delivers in terms of quality. The craftsmanship surpasses all of our expectations and the materials used for the guitars built are phenomenal as well. At a very affordable price, the FG850 is a great investment with some high-end features, quality built and exceptional sound quality as well.