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Yamaha FS800 Guitar Review

Yamaha has always been known for giving us reliable guitars, one after another and the FS800 is no different. When we say no different, we literally mean that too. Looks might be ordinary but performance is exceptional and so is the price! So far, so good and by now you must know what we are doing. Yes, this is a FS800 guitar review and we are talking about Yamaha’s latest addition to the market.


The Yamaha FS800 is a standard-looking acoustic guitar model that is exceptional in its sound quality and durability but very typical as far as its looks are concerned. It is a decently priced guitar. At a very reasonable cost, you get a guitar that is capable of producing a well-balanced sound output and does not compromise on the robust.


Thanks to a very petite size, FS800 is very easy to use which makes it an ideal choice for beginners.


The build is of course lightweight and portable owing to its smaller size. The acoustic guitar is made with the highest quality rosewood and nato combination. It has a solid sitka top head and diecast tuners.

Sound output

The sound quality is uncompromised when it comes to FS800. It is capable of producing extremely high quality sound with warm notes and does not allow robust to affect the well-balanced sounds.

What we like?

Yamaha FS800 is all heart and is definitely winning us over with some great features.

  1. It is small in size which makes it ideal for traveling use.
  2. The materials used for the guitar in combination make it a high quality ad durable guitar.
  3. It is a perfect choice for beginners as well as skilled players; it will not disappoint.
  4. The price is great. You cannot ask for a better price!

What we dislike?

Well, there isn’t much that we don’t exactly like about this guitar.

  1. The looks are too plain and simple. We are sure Yamaha can come up with creative designs for guitars that perform so well otherwise.
  2. It is very petite in size which does not make it a suitable option for live concerts and music shows.

Final word

Yamaha FS800 is definitely a very ordinary looking guitar. Yamaha hardly ever seems to please us with an over-the-top innovative design and this guitar seems no different. But with that said, the fact that this guitar is over-the-top as far as its built quality and sound quality is concerned cannot be denied. Skilled players who are all for making amazing music and don’t care about the looks at all will utterly love this creation by Yamaha. Moreover, its highly affordable price also calls for a winner!